Active Study List

Study Name Description

ER patients with suspected heart failure

Subjects with elevated ACTH values

The Investigator will collect samples from four cohorts to develop a new ACTH assay

Patients diagnosed with HBV

Patients with elevated calcitonin values

At least 4 sites working to obtain matched blood tubes (Serum, SST, Li Hep, K2-EDTA, K3EDTA, and PST) from 100 subjects with varying levels of calcitonin. The scientists are looking to collect a range of samples with low to very high calcitonin levels.

Pregnant females suspected of pre-eclampsia

80 samples from patients in 3 cohorts---healthy, suspected of pre-eclampsia, and diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.

Pregnancy | Samples from females with elevated HCG values

Patients with Graves disease

Flu | Swabs from suspected flu subjects

Healthy pediatric patients

Transplant | Samples from subjects on Everolimus

Healthy pediatric patients

Healthy | Throat swabs

Healthy pregnant females

seeking healthy pregnant subjects

Patients with suspected heart failure

Females undergoing Fertility / IVF

Hematologist | Blood draw from subjects with elevated EPO

Patients diagnosed with Differential Thryoid Cancer